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The Evening Event will now take place on Wednesday 15th July at the ODI Leeds, Munro House, Duke St, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS9 8AG. Doors open at 6.00pm, coffee and tea available, starts at 6.30pm, finishing approximately 9:30pm . As I mentioned, it is an opportunity for you to find out what coaching is, what its benefits are for you. Some of the reasons people take coaching are:

• Being a leader and making a difference
• Finding a new job or career
• Being a powerful leader
• Achieving greater career success/satisfaction
• Exploring what really matters in life – restructuring priorities
• Dealing with stress and anxiety
• Finding work-life balance
• Increasing self esteem, confidence and motivation
• Releasing true potential – discovering skills, talents and dreams
• Dealing with difficult or challenging people
• Finding a new relationship or resolving problems in an existing one

Please bring along any family, friends, work colleagues or anyone you know who coaching may benefit or who may have an interest in personal development.

Numbers are restricted, so please register your interest at

The evening will last approximately three hours, during which, you will learn how coaching works, the principles it’s based on, what it costs, and the benefits it offers. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions and hear from people who have experienced coaching and see for yourselves how it has improved lives.

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