Why Work With A Leadership Mentor?

Leaders seek a mentor when they are looking for:

• a successful role model to follow

• a sounding board from a peer

• a source of experience

Leadership mentoring deals with your life and career. It can help you work toward immediate and long-range goals, including goals that stretch well into the future. Your mentor may meet with you less frequently than an executive coach, but mentoring sessions usually are longer and more far-ranging than coaching sessions.

 75% of leaders point to mentoring playing a pivotal role in their careers – Source American Society for Training & Development (ASTD).

Mentors Provide Confidential Situation Specific Advice. They Will:

• suggest different practical approaches

• clarify thinking.

• help navigate corporate politics.

• challenge your ‘route to an outcome.’

• prepare for challenges.

• help deal with change and ambiguity.

• envision and help shape an organisation.

• be a useful sounding board.

Leadership Mentors Deal With Issues Such As:

• professional development.

• critical life transitions.

• personal growth.

• career satisfaction.

• creating executive presence.

• preparing for your next promotion.

• becoming comfortable in a new role.

• keeping life in balance.

• gaining greater leadership mastery.