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As the former Global Leader of Solutions and Enablers at BCG X, my career at Boston Consulting Group spanned over 12 Years, during which I had the privilege of spearheading initiatives at the intersection of strategy, technology, and innovation. This role demanded not only a high level of strategic insight and leadership but also the ability to navigate the complex dynamics of global markets and technological disruption. Despite the wealth of experience gained in this position, transitioning from such a specialized and high-profile role to founding my own venture presented a unique set of challenges that required a nuanced approach to career transformation and business creation. It was in this context that I engaged with David Edmonds at Certus Coaching, whose expert guidance became a cornerstone of my successful transition.


David’s profound understanding of the intricacies involved in moving from a corporate leadership position to entrepreneurship is exceptional. His approach is meticulously tailored, reflecting a keen sensitivity to the individual needs and ambitions of his clients. David’s expertise in areas such as strategic planning, leadership development, and organizational dynamics was immediately apparent and became a critical asset in our collaboration.


David employs a methodology that is as comprehensive as it is personalized. His ability to balance structured strategic planning with the psychological nuances of career change is remarkable. Through a series of 10 customized sessions, David assisted me in breaking down my personal and long-term career aspirations, aligning my diverse experiences and competencies with a coherent and compelling business vision. This approach not only addresses practical business planning aspects but also facilitates a deeper personal growth journey.


The impact of working with David Edmonds has been profound, with significant achievements in several key areas:

  • Clarity and Focus: David’s coaching enabled me to refine my broad experience and interests into a clear, strategic vision for my new business. This clarity has been indispensable in shaping my decision-making and operational strategies as I navigate the complexities of establishing and growing my venture.
  • Purpose-Driven Leadership: Under David’s guidance, I gained invaluable insights into defining a purpose that aligns with my personal and professional values. This has empowered me to build a business that not only seeks success in traditional metrics but also strives to make a meaningful impact.
  • Strategic Planning: With David’s wealth of knowledge and insight, I have developed a robust framework for my business, including market analysis, competitive positioning, and value proposition optimization. His input has been crucial in ensuring that my business is built on solid strategic foundations.

David Edmonds’s unparalleled coaching service was instrumental in my transition from the role of Global Leader of Solutions and Enablers at BCG X to becoming a purpose-driven entrepreneur. His support has equipped me with the essential tools and insights for this journey, fostering a sense of clarity, focus, and purpose in my new venture. I wholeheartedly recommend David Edmonds to any professional embarking on a career transformation or seeking to elevate their business vision. His expertise, coupled with the supportive environment of Certus Coaching, is a potent catalyst for momentous professional growth and achievement.

Raza Hussain
Entrepreneur and ConversAgentAI Co-Founder & CEO

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