An interesting connection between the high-performing leaders I have spoken to is their attitude to change. For the majority, at some point in their careers, they have taken a giant leap into the unknown! It might be a challenging new role or initiating change within their organisations. 

One empowering characteristic of high-performing leaders is their proactive stance towards change. They don’t see change as a mere reaction to problems but as a vital step towards success. They are always looking for opportunities to foster personal and organisational growth. 

The real challenge lies in our innate resistance to change, which often leads us to perceive it as something to avoid. However, high-performing leaders have mastered the art of overcoming this emotional barrier. History is full of examples of organisations whose leaders resisted change, leading to their eventual downfall or significant decline. 

An obvious but powerful observation is that if you don’t keep moving forward, we don’t just stand still, we end up going backwards. If we want to succeed, we must learn to embrace change and encourage others to join us on the journey.