David is a great coach

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David is a great coach – his insight is authentic, invaluable and challenging, whilst supporting me to become the best I can be, in my work life and personal life. I considered being coached as I was keen to get some help to ‘take myself on’ and realise my untapped potential as a leader in a challenging new role. David is a really good listener who has taken the time to understand me and the areas to work on; I am looking at things differently and doing things differently, whilst growing in confidence. I can’t wait to see where we go next and how I can continue to push myself to the next level. I would recommend David’s coaching to anyone who wants to become more fulfilled in life.

Rob McNally
Head Of City ICT Strategy & Solutions

Journey of development

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David has a way of taking you through a journey of development that makes one stand back and look at things from the outside at which point it becomes painfully obvious the areas one needs to improve or change even if you feel you want to rebut them at first. A great coach who helped me to solve a few things and I like to think now a good friend as well. Thank you for all your help David.

Marcus Harris
Actor and owner of Incite Insight

Conventional Wisdom

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David’s authentic approach and insightful concepts demystify ‘conventional wisdom’ and have enabled me to look at success in a completely different way.

Sacha Gervasi

Coaching is much more than I expected

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Since I always have had a professional and personal interest in self development, I thought that my knowledge in this area is sufficient for my own progress. Until I met David, I have never even considered having a coach. As it turned out during our first conversation coaching is much more than I expected.
My coaching started when I had to make some strategic decisions and it provided me with an opportunity to look at things from different angles.
David’s coaching sessions showed me a world of possibilities that I had not considered before.
I feel much more positive, stronger and more confident about my ability to succeed, not just at work but in achieving balance in life.
I would not hesitate to recommend coaching with David  as a method of discovering your strengths and working on your weaknesses. David creates a non judgmental environment where even vocalising our thoughts is a valuable experience in itself. As a result my self awareness has improved significantly.
David’s passion for self development and his energy is plainly infectious!
Joanna Poplawska
Executive Director

At a Cross Road

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I approached the sessions with an open mind after being at a cross road; especially in my personal life where I am dealing with Parental Alienation. David helped me take back control and start to write my own life story. I started “taking action” rather than being a passenger. With all of this there was tremendous risk but David helped me realise that the risk of doing nothing was even greater. The coaching helped change my general outlook such as realising that I’m responsible for my own actions and not those of other people.

Melvin Thompson
ICT Infrastructure Manager

Feeling Positive About the Future

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I came to Dave because I was really stuck in a rut. I was in a job and industry I didn’t especially care for, and it’s not even as if I was making decent money, I was just treading water, wasting time, really. I felt that while the situation wasn’t great, all the alternatives I could see were worse. My outlook was extremely limited. My social life wasn’t good either; I was quite isolated and lonely. The funny thing is, I didn’t actually realise all this at the time, I just knew that I felt bad and wanted it to stop. I think that without really noticing it, being “stuck in a rut” can develop into a more serious situation, and that’s the way I felt like I was heading. Before I knew it, it might have been five years later and things might have been the same, only I would probably be feeling even worse.

Dave is friendly and energetic, but the main part of his approach seems to be to always find ways to broaden our thinking. With me, he looked for ways to help me see where I was limiting myself, where I was closing off possibilities or sticking to one path without even noticing it, and he did this by helping me to see why I was doing those things.

He helped me evaluate what I really enjoy doing, and helped me to naturally develop a much more creative, open-minded, and energetic approach. He gave me homework that I followed very closely, and in this way supported me to create concrete plans for changing my life. At it’s most basic level, the help he gives is extremely pragmatic, but when we’re stuck, we sometimes need to understand what is happening, why and yes, we need a little hand up.

The advice part worked because it was practical advice, and it helped to have a large problem broken into very small, manageable amounts, concrete deadlines by which to complete these manageable tasks, and growing confidence and enthusiasm as the actions started to pay off and things became fun. It’s the kind of thing we can all do for ourselves when we aren’t stuck in a rut, but then that’s the problem isn’t it? Some of us find it difficult to admit when we need a hand moving on.

Things are really changing. I explored much more actively, tried a good few different things, started to understand why I liked the things I liked, and did more of them. I was surprised to realise that I’m actually a very sociable person, but I’d been lonely and down for so long that I’d forgotten that it’s something that I need and can do well. Volunteering helped with that, and so my social life improved a lot as a sort of by-product, we didn’t even talk very much about that!

I found a volunteering opportunity I absolutely loved and threw myself into it. That was a start, but Dave helped me to start looking for a job in the field, and after a few months working on that, I’m very happy to say that I’m scheduled to start a new job in a few days. I’ve never been so excited about going to work before! I even still have one interview to go for a simply amazing opportunity, so hey, it might just get even better!

This process didn’t happen overnight, but it’s been hugely valuable, worthwhile and fun. In terms of the investment, I’ve successfully been able to tackle the biggest problems in my life, and I feel very positive about my current direction.


Oliver Platts

January 2018

Inspiring leader to young adults

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It has been a pleasure and a joy working with David. I now live my life as an inspiring leader to young adults, less afraid of criticism, no longer afraid of the word “No”. David has helped me to focus on what I really want and then go out and create it. He is gentle when I needed (not that often to be fair) and challenging when I don’t know I need it (an awful lot!). Both to great effect. David helped me think differently and reach for the stars.

S Boldman, University Lecturer

Relationship issues

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I was sceptical at first about having life coaching sessions but after having relationship problems I decided to take the one hour free session that I was offered. I was hooked. David made me realise that I was just reacting to situations as they arose instead of taking control of my life. Together we worked through what was important to me and the things that were in the way of me fulfilling my dreams. He has given me the confidence to deal with personal situations much more effectively and to be the person that I want to be. He has opened my eyes to all the opportunities that are available to me and has given me the motivation to go out there and have a much more fulfilling life.

For the first time in a long time I feel that I am in control of my life and am much happier for it.

David is an excellent coach. He is very enthusiastic and really does want to help you.

My only regret is that I didn’t have this coaching many years ago. I would certainly recommend it.

Mrs M

Why hadn’t I invested in myself sooner?

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“Having always resisted the idea of coaching, I really wasn’t sure what to expect in my first session with David. The overriding question front of mind when I left our initial meeting; “why hadn’t I invested in myself sooner?”

I quickly found David brings a quality and clarity of thinking to any scenario presented, and challenges you to look past the theoretical barriers we often find ourselves constructing to justify not doing something or behaving in a certain way.

The coaching sessions with David were extremely impactful and provided me with the renewed confidence and energy to go after my goals and make a difference.

For anyone who has been considering coaching and is possibly questioning if it is for them, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough and David is a fantastic individual to oversee what is a fulfilling personal journey. ”

Steve Thompsett
Chief Technology Officer
Arthur J. Gallagher International

A breath of fresh air

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“My conversations with David have been a breath of fresh air.  His inspirational style has enabled me to deal with everyday situations, both at home and at work, much more effectively and positively.”

Stephen Blackburn – Senior Information Governance Officer at Leeds City Council

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Through my work with David, it is opening up a completely different way of not only thinking, but also how I operate both at work and in life. David’s skills, experience and clear passion for what he does comes through in spades and through his help, I quickly saw benefits and continue to do so. I look forward to our conversations, challenging myself and the opportunities that coaching brings.

Phil BarrettProgramme Manager

Banishing the grumpy old man

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“I have found coaching with David to be most beneficial. David takes a very flexible approach, which has enabled me to work on achieving a better balance between personal and business needs. I got to understand how my beliefs and values drove the decisions I make in my life without any conscious awareness. I did so many things on autopilot. I found I was getting increasingly frustrated when things didn’t go my way. I like to call this “grumpy old man syndrome”. The results have been fantastic in a relatively short time.

With David’s coaching, I have established a more objective view of myself and what I want from my life as a whole. So far it has proved to be a journey of self-exploration towards becoming more effective and more fulfilled as a business owner and as a leader. I can recommend it to any executive/business owner who is prepared to undertake the sometimes painful process of self-examination in the search for continuous personal improvement.”

Andrew Jordan Accountant Owner of Jordan Ludlow Associates

Staff Coaching

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David came along to coach a team already set up within the organisation whose remit was to promote a positive culture change.

The coaching highlighted how individual concerns and agendas impact on the relationships within the group and its productivity. During the day’s coaching the team focused on taking responsibility for their actions and on helping individuals within the team to recognise and value their diverse strengths and talents. Moving forward, this has helped the team to work more effectively together towards the agreed outcomes. The team was left in a space where they could concentrate on creativity, solutions and taking action.

Dylan Roberts – Chief Officer (ICT) at Leeds City Council

No more ‘what if’

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I had a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) in late 2013.  I saw some comments David made on an SCA Survivors forum.  Even though I am from New York I contacted David and he agreed to coach me via Skype.  David’s coaching had an instant and profound impact on my life.  Before the coaching, I was making my life smaller and smaller to avoid having another SCA and to prevent a shock from my implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD).  I had given up exercise (which before my SCA I loved), I felt unable to return to work and I was constantly anxious about what the future might bring. To be honest I didn’t feel like I had a future. Having completed only 5 sessions with David, I am now back to work, have a regular exercise routine and started a charity to purchase defibrillators for all public areas in New York. David helped me to see the opportunities in life rather than the problems. What a turnaround!

Jennifer Humphrey  Accountant and lover of life

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