This unlimited coaching programme is a bespoke programme for one year designed for people who want to get the most from life. Primarily aimed at leaders who find it hard to speak to anyone without some agenda due to their position and influence. There is always the expectation that they know what they are doing and are confident of the future. Anything less is perceived as a weakness. This programme is a safe place for them to show up and talk without judgement about their struggles, fears and pressures. It is also the place to dream big and create something new and exciting. During our conversations, my only focus is on what is best for the person in front of me, with no other agenda. From this place of trust, I can say things nobody else can.

It will form part of the agreement if you still need to take the 90-day Programme. Throughout the year, you can choose how many sessions you want and for how long. I suggest we book monthly sessions. I will require 48 hours to arrange any new sessions when needed.

We will also have at least two in-person sessions wherever you are.