This Programme is designed specifically to help you fully recognise your true potential. During the Programme, you will make a permanent shift in areas of your life that aren’t working as well as you would like. 
The 90-Day Release The Potential Within Programme offers a practical process for producing breakthrough results in your life—extraordinary achievements far outside of what you think you can do. It is grounded in a transformative learning model that gives you an awareness of the basic structures in which you think and act.
By engaging in tested and proven ideas, you will discover the blind spots that impact your effectiveness, performance, and overall life satisfaction. This shift in awareness comes with a fundamental change that leaves you able to fulfil those matters that are most important to you. The Programme’s intention is to leave you with an expanded quality of life and enable you to think and act beyond your existing views and limits—in your personal life, career, and relationships. Whatever it is that is important to you.
Rather than being limited by who you’ve considered yourself to be, opportunities for powerful new actions will show themselves. With this clarity, you will experience a new sense of freedom. Your vision and goals begin to align and flourish – to invite a plan of action that allows you to make the difference you’re out to make. You’ll be free to choose a richer and more expansive life, more significant than you believe possible.
The 90-Day Realeas The Potential Within Programme is designed to be delivered in person or online. It consists of 10 two-hour sessions, each with a 5-minute break in the middle.
During the first five sessions, we focus on what makes you tick. We explore how your view of the world, other people, and yourself was created and distinguish the impact these views have had on your decision-making and your life. 
We’ll do this through a series of tasks between the sessions, sometimes challenging but often transformative. I’ll also ask you to watch a personally selected series of videos and recommend books and podcasts tailored to you.
In the second half, you learn to create a future of your design, not limited by the past. You will gain the tools and technology to create a future you love. Through the process, you will:
• Develop a facility for recognising things as they are distinct from your hopes, preferences, and fears.
• Step outside familiar and habitual ways of thinking to invent new perspectives and approaches that lead to new ways of thinking and acting.
• Design a future not limited by the past.
• Move the notion of possibility from an abstract idea to a day-to-day living reality.