Changing ‘what if’ to ‘bring it on’!

By 14th April 2015 Blog No Comments

sad face happy face

It’s so easy to slip into doom and gloom.  Worrying or over-thinking along the lines of “What if I don’t get that job” or “What if I make that presentation” with dreadful predictions of it all going horribly wrong.

It drags us into a negative downward spiral and destructive thought patterns. The things we fear can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  For example, you may fear becoming tongue-tied and coming across as not interesting in your presentation, or not good enough.  Because your mind is set in a fearful way, you set yourself up for failure and your worst predictions can become a reality.  This pushes your negative spiral still further: “I told you I’d not be good enough”, so the chance for success next time becomes even less likely.

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