Banishing the grumpy old man

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“I have found coaching with David to be most beneficial. David takes a very flexible approach, which has enabled me to work on achieving a better balance between personal and business needs. I got to understand how my beliefs and values drove the decisions I make in my life without any conscious awareness. I did so many things on autopilot. I found I was getting increasingly frustrated when things didn’t go my way. I like to call this “grumpy old man syndrome”. The results have been fantastic in a relatively short time.

With David’s coaching, I have established a more objective view of myself and what I want from my life as a whole. So far it has proved to be a journey of self-exploration towards becoming more effective and more fulfilled as a business owner and as a leader. I can recommend it to any executive/business owner who is prepared to undertake the sometimes painful process of self-examination in the search for continuous personal improvement.”

Andrew Jordan Accountant Owner of Jordan Ludlow Associates

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