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Keeping a Vision in Charge!

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HOW to keep a Vision (aka mission, purpose, yonder star, etc.) in charge of your day-to-day life is always a challenge.

People committed to a purpose often find themselves on a long winding route to somewhere and then wonder… am I even on the path anymore?… and what was I trying to do in the first place?
Does this sound familiar?

Typically, when you have a vision (purpose, yonder star, etc.), you immediately start to take the actions necessary to have the vision come alive in reality. Inevitably, you hit a snag (aka problem) and then spend your valuable time and energy solving the immediate problems while still thinking you are on the way to your vision.

Actually, what almost always happens when you focus on the immediate problems, you end up on some detour moving away from the vision! It’s like our compass is BROKEN!!

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