Being a Leader : An Ontological Model

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While ontology as a general subject is concerned with the being of anything, here we are concerned with the ontology of human beings (the nature and function of being for…


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At this time of year people reflect upon their dreams and goals for 2019.  A good place to start is this time last year, January 2018.  What was important to…

Excuses and loopholes

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Excuses and loopholes that hold us back achieving what we want from life. 1. False choice loophole – “I can’t do this, because I’m so busy doing that” – this is…

What stops breakthroughs

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Our brain want to keep us safe and so we often approach life counting on a certain order of things, thinking that predictability and control will keep us safe. Then we…

A little bit about me

I am a Life Coach, passionate about helping people to live the most fulfilling life they can. Energetic, positive and straight talking, I help people move from “I can’t” to “I can”. Coaching changed my world, it can change yours too.

My potted history…..well I started life as an Architectral/Planning Technichian and a Graphic Designer. Having worked for many of the major property companies in central London for many years I started my own business in 1992.

After living a life that I was never 100% happy with and a few failed relationships, I was introduced to coaching by a good friend. I participated in numerous coaching programmes with an International training/coaching organisation, on completion of which I was invited to undertake extensive training to become a coach. I went on to coach, on a voluntary basis both individuals and groups from all walks of life.

It was at this time I discovered my passion and commitment to help people make the changes they need to deliver the results they want.

So whether you are taking a big step in your life or simply feel like you aren’t fulfilling your potential, I will help you to get focused, get motivated and get going.